whups I forgot I did these!

The saga of Vetinari and Sybil being childhood friends continues.

I’ve been in pretty much a constant anxiety spiral for the past month but today there was folk singing and cake and just now there was a sudden spring thunderstorm and I ran out onto the deck and got soaked and now my hair is damp from rainwater and I’m wearing my Tam Lin dress and one of my cats is nuzzling at my feet and

my brain is probably going to go back to making me afraid of everything tomorrow but right now I feel like things are going to be All Right.


The Fellowship of the Ring + titles


so ok i just finished rereading the bartimaeus trilogy and the ring of solomon right

and i was thinking about how bartimaeus is frequently in the shape of a desert/sand cat and i figured i didnt exactly know what that looked like so id look it up

i was expecting something all sleek and regal but like


look a t this grumpy little thing


this is like the dorkiest cat ever omfg  its got perpetual kittenface


bart pls


ulgh, ruling takes FOREVER

it just occurred to me that i should probably clarify that by “ruling” i mean “drawing a million lines so my calligraphy will be evenly spaced.” the type of ruling where you subjugate people and pass laws is probably also pretty time-consuming. but that is not what i am doing.

ulgh, ruling takes FOREVER



so this is the day i truly discover how effectively i’ve blacklisted everyone’s Game of Thrones tags

t h e m e